Hemp Wood facts

Anything Wood can do Hemp can do Better

Widely considered to be the premier wood substitute with the smallest ecological footprint of any lumber alternative, Hemp wood is perfect for use as anything that wood can be used for – like construction materials, flooring, and furniture.

Key Features

  • Renewable
    All current and future Hemp wood production facilities can be used repeatedly without ecological degradation.


  • Sustainable
    Our farming techniques are designed to keep up with demand and meet the needs of large scale orders regularly.


  • Price Competitive
    Several factors determine the final sales price, but our goal is to be price competitive with US domestic oak by 2020.


  • Carb 2 Compliant
    We use Carb 2 Compliant bonding agents to turn hemp fibers into a viable wood substitute.


  • Fast Growth Rate
    It only takes 6 months to mature our industrial hemp plants for lumber production.


  • 20 %Stronger
    20% stronger than oak.