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Building with Hemp

As you start living in an eco-friendly house, you start to get affected by your surroundings and your environment quite significantly. Most of the eco-friendly houses are done in such a way so that they promote good health and general well-being and not just to the people living in those houses, but to everyone else.

There’s a virtual sea of benefits that can affect your social life and the quality of your living conditions, once you go green. You get a lot of natural lighting, very high quality of air, healthy and soothing indoor environment and natural temperature regulation. These are just some of the standard benefits for eco-friendly house users, and there are quite a lot more.

Buildings offer lots of opportunities to save money as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reduced heating and electrical bills are one major benefit to upgrading a home or building a more energy efficient home Developed to have a limited effect on the environment, eco-friendly homes are built to be as self-sufficient as possible. Using many natural resources such as light, wind and earth, sustainable homes aim to lower their carbon footprint and significantly reduce the amount of heat and power a homeowner consumes.

The hemp in the material helps moderate fluctuations in moisture levels indoors, while the lime hardens and protects the walls from water-related damage. No other building matter to-date provides such natural defenses against the elements while also offering superior indoor air-quality.

Hemp Homes are Pest Resistant

Similarly, as to when hemp is being grown, it provides its own natural pest deterrent. It has the same result when made into hempcrete, which provides a building material that does not need to be saturated with toxic chemicals to deter pests, such as termites.